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Changing Seasons

Seasons are fleeting; it seems like only yesterday that the Summer sun was high in the cloudless sky. Today there has been non-stop torrential rain. The first sign was the chill – a slight crispness in the air which foreshadows that freezing autumnal wind.

Autumn seems to be the season most people loathe. The season signals the ending of Summer and the descent into the dark Winter months – cue rain, a fading tan line and sighs of “Better get the jumpers out”. There is also an overwhelming sense of death and decay; falling leaves rotting on the ground, flowers that were once radiant now drooping, longer nights, crops being harvested and golden fields ploughed to a muddy brown. Even the phrase ‘Autumn years’ is used to describe the later years of someone’s life. It all sounds a bit depressing.

I actually quite like Autumn. With each change of season brings a different landscape and Autumn is always the most spectacular. Autumnal colours are bright and bold; leaves redden to a deep scarlet, foliage turns a golden hue, and glossy blackberries cluster in the hedgerows. The light seems to take on a dramatic turn, with the sun’s rays bursting through imposing clouds, silhouetting trees and creating dazzling rainbows when mixed with a dash of rain. Misty mornings transform into bright, clear days – the sort that gives your cheeks a rosy glow.

Yes, it is getting colder but that’s the perfect excuse for snuggling in jumpers, curling up on the sofa and drinking hot chocolate (my favourite pastime). And as the nights draw in and the days get shorter, it’s only a few months until the landscape takes on another change. I never tire of wonderment at the transience of nature and how it can alter so dramatically. Maybe it’s because I live in the countryside where nothing looks the same for more than a month – I miss that when I’m in the city.

For me Autumn has always represented (ironically) new beginnings; the start of a new academic year and fresh opportunities. Just because the weather’s starting to get a little chilly doesn’t mean Autumn should be detested – in fact it can be one of the most beautiful times of the year.


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