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A Spring In My Step

There is something hopeful about spring. New buds bursting from the lifeless branches of trees, bright yellow daffodils popping up in the most unlikely places, lambs playing in the fields and blossom adding colour to a previously wintery landscape. Mother Nature is awakening from a long, dark hibernation – finally.

Indeed the picture I paint is twee and stereotypical. Every year spring comes along and every year it is the same – like florals being hailed as the season’s print. But having been confined to the urban jungle that is London for the last few months, in which most people are too busy to notice even the slightest change outside, it is quite a relief to be out in the open countryside. In the city it is easy to feel trapped; high-rise buildings tower above you, while honking traffic is the background music to my life.

Being in the countryside is like taking in a huge breath of air – fresh, clean air. There is an overwhelming sense of peace and quiet; a stillness that you would never get in the city without being interrupted by a screaming siren. I know I sound like an old woman – perhaps it’s because I was brought up in the countryside. I feel most at home in wellies, walking my dog through muddy fields. But nothing can beat being outside and feeling the first spring sunshine warming pale, pastey skin. And when the sun gets its act together and appears, there is nowhere else I’d rather be – not even raving in Coachella.


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  1. passionfortruths
    April 13, 2015


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