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Only The Ocean And Me

To say that 2014 was a busy year would be an understatement.

In the space of 12 months I have left home, started university and got a job (although only part-time). In other words I have now left Neverland and for the first time in my life I feel almost like an adult (almost). I always think referring to experiences as a ‘journey’ sounds a bit pretentious, but a ‘journey’ is what best describes the past few months – albeit a rough one with plenty of pot-holes and near-misses but – crucially – I have survived. And as an inexperienced, naïve country-bumpkin, such as myself, in the big smoke, that is an achievement.

So it was with great enthusiasm and utter exhaustion that I headed off down south to the faraway remote land of Cornwall for a family Christmas by the sea, without Wi-Fi or phone signal or anything resembling London. Pure bliss.

When living in a city, you don’t get to experience the seasons changing and it’s easy to forget that nature actually exists outside of the concrete jungle of buildings and roads. So I relished every moment spent outside; not even the bitter coastal wind and biting rain could deter me from donning my trusty wellies (the locals must think we’re crazy). But it’s well worth it for the spectacular scenery. Nothing beats that warming, invigorating feeling of the sun on your bare skin on a crisp, clear day.

The Atlantic was a surprisingly bright azure blue, as opposed to its usual cloudy grey. The gentle crash of the sea serves as the best stress buster – combined with that fresh salty air – making my university worries ease away…goodbye essay writing…hello relaxation. Just being in the big outdoors makes you realise how trivial your anxieties are and gives you perspective.

Time and time again I preach about the beauty of Cornwall; the rugged cliff tops carved by an unrelenting yet majestic ocean, the wild moorland and that never-ending canvas of sky. But words can not do it justice. So I hope these photos do…


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