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Life of a Fresher

THUMP. THUMP. THUMP. BOOM. BOOM. It’s a sunny Friday afternoon, and thunderous music is pouring out into the bustling metropolis of East London. The city is buzzing for the night ahead. Most evenings start like this here; the capital never sleeps. And neither, it seems, do students.

I started university three weeks ago, and still can’t believe how much my life has changed. Goodbye country bumpkin, Hello city girl. It’s been a whirlwind to say the least. A colourful blur, consisting of partying, drinking, exploring, clubbing, fresher’s events, lectures, reading, writing, discovering, more partying and more drinking (well I am a student after all). In fact it’s been such a whirlwind that I haven’t even had time to pause and think about what’s actually going on – let alone try to get on with work.

Many people have told me that university isn’t just about the education, it’s about the social side too, and I’ve loved meeting people from such diverse backgrounds – coming from a rural village where most people are predominantly white and middle-class, it has been amazing to talk to people from every continent on the globe and from all different walks of life. I’ve met people from Italy, France, Norway, Ireland, Canada, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Holland, and many more! I’ve also learnt about their cultures, which means I have a greater understanding of the world around me – just the other day my friend from Pakistan was telling me about issues in her country and how much it’s improved over the last few years. It’s things like this that really open your eyes and makes you see issues from a different viewpoint.

I will always be a home-girl, but being at university has undeniably stretched my confidence and made me so much more independent. Just achieving little things like doing the laundry, cleaning my bathroom and cooking my own dinner, makes me feel like I’m on the way to becoming a proper adult (but I’m still not quite there yet!).

So when people argue that university is not worth the money – ‘think of all that debt!’ – I would say that it most certainly is. University not only allows you to gain a qualification, but it also enables you to grow as a person. So yes, I may be incredibly tired, but what better place to be a student than in the beating heart of the country? Every corner I turn, brings a new discovery – and surely that is what university is all about? Discovery.

To have a look at all of my favourite places in London (so far), check out my page, London’s Calling.

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2 comments on “Life of a Fresher

  1. aledbryn
    October 19, 2014

    Less drinking and clubbing, more studying and learning me thinks!!!!

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