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Harvest Time

We seem to be on the brink of a glorious Indian Summer – just in time for the back-to-school brigade. While the evenings are drawing in like a rapidly enveloping cloak of darkness, the farmers are making the most of the dry weather to gather their summer produce. The hum of tractors and combine-harvesters echo everywhere in the countryside, as they collect the golden crops that have ripened to a crisp after months of surprisingly balmy English summer weather. Miles of caramel fields stretch into the distance like a patchwork quilt of mismatching tawny yellows, but the wheat no longer sway in the breeze – its been replaced with great hulking hay bales. Now there is nothing left but dust and stalks; a reminder of the transient nature of our seasons and the sudden changes which transfigures the natural landscape. Mother Nature is a powerful yet mesmerising phenomenon.

Already the purple bruises of blackberries are blossoming amongst the brambles, their buds plump and juicy. Our Labrador loves to help herself to the berries on the lower branches, as we forage above – the prospect of a blackberry and apple crumble not quite enough to stop us munching on our finds. We never save enough. Crumbles, pies, harvesting and longer nights, all hint at the imminent Autumn months – soon the leaves will turn yellow, orange, then red – but first the last of the Summer sun needs to be enjoyed to its full.


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