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French Roadtrip: Week 3

Dordogne to Normandy

After a rejuvenating second week, we packed up and headed for the open road. Although it was nice to relax at the villa, I did miss the excitement of camping; each day we explore somewhere different. It is this spontaneous sense of adventure which makes our holiday fun.

And so we bid adieu to the sweet south and drove north via the Dordogne (which was crawling with English people), through Limousin to the rural delights of the Loire region. The landscape changed dramatically; gone were the golden sunflowers – replaced instead by abundant fields of sweet-corn, while the smooth undulating hills grew steeper and more pronounced. The wheat fields shone like burnt caramel – crispy from the scorching sun’s rays – ripe and ready to harvest. At night, the canvas of the tent couldn’t keep out the sounds of the summer; owls hooting, mice scurrying and the distant hum of the combine-harvester collecting the wheat (the farmers work through the night). In the morning, the gentle coo of a wood-pigeon acted as our alarm clock – as well as the more persistent (and annoying) cock-a-doodle-doo of a nearby rooster. The joys of nature…

As we headed further north the clouds began to sneak their way across the unblemished sky – tarnishing the deep blue that we had grown accustomed to. This meant only one thing: we were getting closer to England. Sure enough as we hit Normandy the heavens opened. Driving along the coast with nothing but grey sky, muddy fields and the odd crowd of grumpy cows sheltering under trees, it really did bear an uncanny resemblance to Britain. Our family have decided we much prefer southern France! However as soon as we boarded our ferry it began to clear and soon the sky was a canvas of azure – just as beautiful as in the south. It wasn’t long until the chalky white cliffs of Dover welcomed us back home; our holiday was officially over.

Overall our road-trip was a success – not only have we ventured across the majority of France, we have also exhausted most of its patisseries. We may be arriving home carrying a few extra pounds but we’re also carrying a great deal of happy memories. That is what holidays are all about; creating moments to remember.


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