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French Roadtrip: Week 1

Reims to Provence

The sprawling landmass that is France was our oyster for three weeks as we embarked upon the annual road-trip. For the Williams family, a holiday doesn’t mean jetting out to some exotic land and vegetating by the pool for a week (whilst turning a deep shade of puce). Oh no. We need a holiday to get over our holiday. Instead we pack up our people-carrier (named Connie) and traverse the never-ending French country roads; pitching up at remote campsites along the way, as well as sampling la cuisine – after all, who can resist the land of baguettes, croissants and cheese? C’est delicieux!

The stunning landscape is something I will never tire of. From the craggy peaks of the Gorge du Tarn, to the undulating fields of sunflowers and vines in the south and the fragrant lavender in Provence. Breathing in that unmistakable scent of pure fresh air, I immediately feel myself unwind. Bliss…

We started off in the Champagne region, where the precise rows of vines seem to cover most of the countryside; the plump, juicy grapes taunting from under the leaves. Following a series of heavy thunderstorms (complete with vicious lightning), we felt that the sun-baked land of the south seemed infinitely more appealing, hence our decision to chase the clear blue horizon further south.

Eventually we ended up in the lilac land of Provence, where (much to our relief) the glorious sun blazed furiously. I am currently involved in a passionate love affair with Provence – it only took a fleeting foray and now I constantly yearn for it. Think terracotta tiles, hilltop towns with cobbled streets, vivid wildflowers, roadside fruit stalls and olive groves – the leaves glinting silver. Not to mention the cypress trees which punctuate the red ochre vistas. Definitely one of the highlights of the trip.

Check out my post on week 2 of our roadtrip here.


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