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Goodbye Christmas, Hello 2014

As the new year rolls in it’s hard not to get bogged down by misery; the grey sky, the dark mornings and evenings, the never-ending chill of January and the culmination of the festive period. Today is Blue Monday, the most miserable day of the year – the day with the highest rate of divorce, not to mention the day when traditionally you take down all of the festive decorations. Just seeing all of those poor Christmas trees poking out of wheelie bins makes me sad (plus all of the mince pies have been eaten up). But the new year should fill everyone with hope and excitement – yes we may have put on a bit of weight over Christmas but so what – 2014 could be the best year ever. You could get a promotion at work or start your dream career or even get an offer from your favourite university (which I’m hoping for)! For me 2014 marks the beginning of adulthood, in September I’m going to be starting university, which equals independence and freedom, something I’m both excited and scared about. As well as looking forward to the future it’s also nice to reflect on 2013, so here are some photos from Christmas – just because we have to take the decorations down doesn’t mean we have to forget the fun times.


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