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Autumn in Cornwall

Cornwall is renowned for its wind. The harsh Atlantic sea air seems to constantly bombard the county, giving energy to the powerful surf which attacks the cliffs with a thrilling force. Of course the surfers relish this weather – not even the threat of hurricane-force gusts could deter them from catching that perfect wave. Who needs Hawaii when you’ve got Cornwall?

At this time of year the sea is perfect for surfing – still a little warm from the prolonged summer combined with those strong Autumnal winds which shed the trees of their leaves. Last week’s St Jude storm was just in time for half-term – I’m sure parents up and down the country exhaled a collective groan when they saw that they couldn’t just shove their little-ones outside to play. But when we went out for a blustery post-St Jude walk on the beach, the surfers were still at it – and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Still the beauty of nature shines through the torrential rain and grey skies…


One comment on “Autumn in Cornwall

  1. aledbryn
    November 4, 2013

    Beautiful pics Jessie, looks like you had a wonderful time.

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