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Once Upon A Time at Blenheim

Spending a Sunday morning wandering through the grounds of the magnificent Blenheim Palace it’s hard not to be transported into a Jane Austen novel. As the morning mist cleared, the lake twinkled in the Autumn sunshine while the sprawling, grand palace sat surveying its estate. Apart from this Sunday was different; Bruno Mars was blaring from the loud-speaker and runners dressed in red were stampeding around the normally peaceful parkland. I don’t think Jane Austen would approve. The annual heart foundation running event had descended on the quaint town of Woodstock and my Dad was attempting the half-marathon. That’s 13.1 miles. It’s exhausting just thinking about it. Last year I completed the 10k run and after I’d finished I vowed never to do it again, for one reason; the hills. So it was with a mixture of guilt and great relief that I waved on my Dad as he sped past and began to ascend the first long long long long hill.

We then spent a leisurely 2 hours strolling around the lake, watching the moorhens wiggle through the reeds, the swans glide effortlessly along the water and the pheasants scuttle across the path before we scared them and they flapped through the pine trees. I even spotted a pair of cranes soaring inches from the water, their wings beating harmoniously. We then sat on the knobbly roots of an ancient tree and sun-bathed (yes it was warm enough despite the early mist), before we walked back to the finish line to cheer on Dad. I felt a surge of pride as I saw him jogging towards us – his face was almost as red as his top but still he had made it and he was smiling and still moving! He has almost reached his sponsorship target of £1,500 (so far he’s raised £1,350), so that is a huge achievement. What a lovely day at Blenheim…


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