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Flower Power


It’s April. But out of the window a dark, grey and foreboding sky is currently ensnaring the country in gloom. The sun has made a series of very rare appearances, despite the fact that we have now changed our clocks forward to British Summer Time. Spring has not yet fully sprung. There is an absence of colour within the countryside; the bleak, monotone surroundings hit me whenever I walk outside. Where are all the flowers? There are a few poor Daffodils standing scarce among the hedgerows being battered with wind and I’ve spotted a few hopeful buds on some eager trees. Apart from that the only telling sign of spring are the little lambs skipping through the fields.

Karen Elson Harper's Bazaar

But have faith; the fashion world is giving us a much-needed floral hit. Every year without fail, spring is the season for all things flowery and this year the trend doesn’t seem to be abating. Current fashion magazine front covers are adorned with phrases like ‘Fresh Floral Delights’, or ‘Pretty, Pastel Prints’. The latest Harper’s Bazaar, entitled ‘La Vie En Rose’ (with a beautiful cover of red-headed model, Karen Elson, clinging seductively to a vine of pale pink roses) is dedicated to flowers of all shapes and sizes. Inside the magazine is one of my favourite photo-shoots of all time; a ghostly, ethereal, vintage style depiction of fashion’s latest blooms by Cathleen Naundorf with a series of amazingly intricate headpieces.

Cathleen Naundorf shoot Cathleen Naundorf Naundorf Harper's Bazaar

In my opinion, Erdem has consistently led the field in creating breath-taking floral inspired designs. The young designer manages to inject a fresh, modern edge into the traditional floral print by combining clean, minimal lines with detailed flower motifs and cut out lace. Other spring collections have featured a heady mix of florals, but not always the conventional pastel type. There’s been an explosion of metallic prints, which are juxtaposed against darkly gothic designs; Moschino’s bags are enhanced with appliqued flowers sprinkled with silver, while Dolce & Gabbana’s lace floral patterns are made edgy in black. However the ultimate spring accessory to yearn for this season is Alexander McQueen’s embroidered floral clutch which is completely amassed in a delectable gold and lace explosion of flowers, skulls and bumble bees. Although we can only dream of buying it – with a hefty price tag of £3,360 – it’s still enough to brighten these grey spring days. And when the sun finally does shine, and the flowers do eventually bloom, we’ll be ready for the belated spring in our floral prints.

ErdemDolce & Gabbana dark floralsErdem-Spring-Summer-2011Harper's Bazaar


One comment on “Flower Power

  1. aledbrynyn williams
    April 13, 2013

    Another great post Jessie, I know exactly what you mean about looking out the window and feeling that it’s still Winter, and so so cold too. I have been caught so many times out in the rain when walking our dog, but it’s still great to be out and getting some fresh air.

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