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The Birth of Miss Vogue

Miss VogueHurray!!! Young fashion obsessed women will be cheering up and down the country as the staff at the ultimate fashion bible, Vogue, have announced the birth of  its younger sister. The new publication entitled, Miss Vogue, will be exactly the same as the ‘Mother Magazine’ but will be targeted at a younger audience. It is described on the British Vogue website as a magazine with 124 pages which ‘will embody the inspirational and authoritative spirit that it’s older counterpart is renowned for, but will talk directly to young women who love experimenting with fashion and beauty.’ The magazine will also have an awareness of the ever-present budget constraints of the younger generation – finally! I’m fed up with reading Chanel £7,492; it’s about time Vogue gave fashion advice to the REAL woman, with clothes that we can actually afford to buy.

Here is an interesting article from The Guardian online ( which suggests that this new magazine could either help or hinder body image issues within young women which is stimulated by stick thin models within fashion magazines. I hope that Vogue will use this opportunity to showcase real sized women to their young and impressionable readers; thus further progressing their already pivital contribution to this controversial topic (in the 2012 June issue, Vogue editor, Alexandra Shulman, unveiled ‘The Health Initiative’ which aims to encourage a healthier body image within the fashion industry).

I’ve been an avid reader of Vogue for years and love the fashion content, however my favourite part of the magazine is the arts and culture features, which are always high quality and well written. I’m really looking forward to the new, creative and dynamic voice of Miss Vogue, which is available with the June issue of Vogue – bar the price increase – I’m so excited! I wonder who the first ever cover-girl of Miss Vogue will be? Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell (maybe even her little sister, Olympia Campbell) or Georgia May Jagger? But more importantly do they want some fresh, young journalists to carry the sibling mag into the future? (If so please contact me!!)

Cara Delevingne Edie Campbell Georgia May Jagger in French Grazia Olympia CampbellJapan Fashions Night Out


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