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Walker’s fantasy world is ours…

Tim Walker 10

It’s hard not to be sucked into a dream world when viewing anything Tim Walker has laid his hands on; whether it’s his recent short film, The Lost Explorer (which truly does bring his unique images to life), or the fantastical photographs he creates for the likes of Vogue, Bazaar, W, and Vanity Fair. Whenever I open a magazine to find a Walker shoot its like discovering a treasure chest full of ethereal, magical, fairy-tale induced creations that have popped straight out of a child’s imagination. His most famous images range from Lily Donaldson sprawled across the wing of a spitfire (in her dressing room) from the 2009 shoot for Vogue, also displayed in the fashion bible is the 2011 shoot of Lindsey Wixon escaping the kicks of a giant doll over a barbed-wire fence. Other images depict an evil Karlie Kloss clad in a gothic Jean Paul Gaultier gown running through the cracked remains of Humpty Dumpty. Fairy-tales and his childhood are major sources of inspiration while Walker never fails to disappoint with his breath-taking set designs and extravagant props – always going for the most outrageous. It seems there are no boundaries for Walker.

Its no surprise that Walker is one of the most inventive fashion photographers; he interned at Vogue’s Cecil Beaton archive which definately stood him in good stead for the future. Walker believes that ‘fashion photography is the dream department of photography’ and now we can experience his visions, creations and dreams in an exhibtion celebrating his colossal body of work at Somerset House in London, or purchase the book which is as elegantly created as one of his own photographs – a beautiful coffee table book.

(‘Tim Walker: Story Teller’, supported by Mulberry, is at Summerset House from 18 October. You can also purchase a book of the exhibition which is out on 8 October, £45, Thames & Hudson).

Tim Walker 3Tim Walker 4Tim Walker 6Tim Walker.jpg2Tim Walker 5© 2009 Tim Walker. All rights reserved. Moral rights asserted.Tim Walker 8Tim WalkerTim Walker 7


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